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      Pulluan capsule

      Pulluan capsule

      ★The concept of pure biological fermentation improves digestion and absorption.

      ★There is no risk of cross-linking reaction, no interaction, high stability, because Pullulan polysaccharide ★belongs to corn biological fermentation, no risk of cross-linking reaction of proteins in gelatin.

      ★The standard is uniform and compatibility is good.

      ★It is applicable to the standard of national pharmacopoeia. The shape, size, appearance and filling method are the same as gelatin hollow capsules. It does not need to change equipment and parts.

      ★No animal origin, no potential risk of growth hormone or drugs accumulated in animals.

      ★Pullulan polysaccharide hollow capsule is different from the traditional gelatin hollow capsule, which has the technical advantages and characteristics of traditional gelatin hollow capsule besides the advantages of biological fermentation concept. With the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of self-health care, the development of vegetarianism, to eliminate mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease on human health hazards and religious factors, and good oxygen resistance, covering up the contents of the odor discomfort.

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